Things to Consider before Purchasing Fireworks for the Fourth of July: Insights from a Fireworks Store in La Porte, Indiana

Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is one of the most important events of the summer. A common way to commemorate the event is with fireworks. While there are public displays in the La Porte area that you can watch, more and more people are now putting on their own fireworks shows. What’s better than celebrating with a barbecue, music, friends and family, and a fireworks display to cap it all off?

Before you purchase fireworks for your personal display, there are several things you should take into consideration. This fireworks store in La Porte, Indiana is going to explain below.

Color Variety

When you are out shopping for Fourth of July fireworks, you can find a wide variety of colors. Although every color and visual effect looks marvelous, the hallmark colors are deep blue and dazzling white. You can light up the night or daytime sky with a dazzling array of colors and effects. So, make sure you choose the firecrackers that please you the most.

Indiana Laws Are Different

In the State of Indiana, legal fireworks include bottle rockets, cone fountains, firecrackers, ground spinners, roman candles, wheels, etc. If you wish to use any special fireworks, you must obtain the necessary permits. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase products from a fireworks store in La Porte, Indiana, and kids can use them only under strict supervision. Also, bursting crackers are usually allowed between 9am and 11pm every day and until midnight on holidays.

Recognizing Legal Fireworks

To have a safe and entertaining display, make sure the fireworks you pick have the manufacturer’s details and cautionary label on the box. The fireworks must also state the “fuse burn time.” Consumer-grade (Class-C) pyrotechnics must have no more than 50 mg of pyrotechnic substance. You can find these easily at your neighborhood stands. However, it is best to invest in quality products from a reliable fireworks store in La Porte, Indiana. A vendor well-versed with the rules and regulations concerning the use of fireworks may be your best bet in choosing only legal fireworks.

Watch Your Kids

Most fireworks injuries involve kids below the age of 15. In fact, the highest rate of fireworks injuries includes children below 5 years of age. Always remember, fireworks aren’t toys, and you should never let your kids handle them without care and supervision. Fireworks are products designed to burst, spark, explode, and reach extremely high temperatures. You cannot risk your kids with such products, no matter how safe they seem.

Care for Your Pets

Pets often escape their homes, terrified of the blaring noises of firecrackers, and land in already flooded shelters. Many people never care to claim their pets, while many pets are never found. If you care for your pets and they mean the world to you, keep them indoors and in someone’s company. Also, make sure they are always wearing an ID tag, so in case they get lost, you can find them easily. Any knowledgeable fireworks store in La Porte, Indiana will also advise you to clean up the area after the event so your pets aren’t exposed to the leftover toxic material.

Quick Tips When Celebrating

  • Ignite fireworks in an open, flat, and inflammable area
  • Always have someone supervise the activity
  • Never light multiple items at once
  • Try and maintain distance from the fireworks
  • Keep water easily accessible to prevent accidents

Looking for a Fireworks Store in La Porte, Indiana?

The Fourth of July is an event that is celebrated with good food, good people, and some incredible fireworks. If you are mindful of the considerations reviewed above, you and your group should have a fantastic Fourth of July.

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