The Do’s & Don’ts of Handling Fireworks: Insights from a Reputable Fireworks Store in Lansing, Illinois

Years ago, fireworks were used to frighten away evil spirits. Today, the only thing that should scare you about fireworks is handling them irresponsibly. This is especially true during Fourth of July fireworks events. Not only should you be cautious at public displays, but community and backyard events can also result in injuries if safety is not prioritized. To help keep everyone safe and out of harm’s way, this fireworks store in Lansing, Illinois is going to review some of the do’s and don’ts when handling fireworks.

The Do’s When Handling Fireworks

  • Make sure you know what is and isn’t legal in your area to use.
  • Use fireworks in open, flat, and inflammable regions.
  • Make sure you designate a safety perimeter, i.e., a launch zone away from the spectators.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors, infants, pets, and veterans, keeping noise pollution to a minimum.
  • Keep a steady pace – handle one product at a time.
  • Make sure that a water hose or an extinguisher is accessible in case of a fire accident.
  • Use an instant-on propane torch to ignite the firecrackers.
  • Soak the charred remains in water before throwing those away in the trash.
  • Leave big and dramatic displays to professionals.
  • Always buy your fireworks from a trusted and reliable fireworks store in Lansing, Illinois.

The Don’ts When Handling Fireworks

  • Do not leave kids, pets, and vulnerable adults unsupervised.
  • Do not light fireworks on a windy day. It can, at any time, become a recipe for disaster.
  • Do not attempt to light any fireworks that were not purchased from a reputable fireworks store in Lansing, Illinois.
  • Do not point toward anyone when lighting the fireworks.
  • Also, your hand isn’t a launching pad. You will only be causing yourself serious injuries doing that.
  • Don’t light your products indoors or near anything flammable.
  • Do yourself a favor, don’t stand too close to fireworks after lighting the fuse.
  • If your firecrackers go off incorrectly, do not try to go near them to investigate or reignite them. Put it completely out with water.
  • Never tie multiple firecrackers together, hoping for a bigger explosion — it can be dangerous.
  • Please don’t drink and handle any fireworks. You could be putting everyone at risk.

The Final Words

In the days approaching the Fourth of July, there are more than a hundred emergency room visits daily for fireworks-related injuries such as burns and eye wounds. The numbers only keep spiking, which is true for any event where fireworks are handled without care. So, no matter what, you must know the basics of fireworks safety, or you could also be one of those numbers. A fireworks display may be fun, but inappropriate handling can be highly unsafe. When you exercise caution, nothing will get in the way of your celebrations and safety. Purchase your products from a trusted nearby fireworks store in Lansing, Illinois. For an impressive and dramatic pyrotechnics display, contact professionals, and you will not have to worry over safety.

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