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Krazy Kaplans Logo


Where it all started in Greg Kaplan’s basement of his house in 1985. Then he immediately began to out grow what had started. Krazy Kaplans first opened in a vacant shoe store building in 1991.

Today, Krazy Kaplans Fireworks has five Northwest Indiana stores, most of them being superstores with over 20,000 square feet showrooms. Krazy Kaplans imports over 90% of all their stock that is privately labeled exclusively in China. Greg Kaplan and staff have traveled to Liu Yang China to personally check and make sure that we are receiving the highest quality and best performing fireworks on the market.

The 38 years of experience has made Krazy Kaplans Fireworks one of the leaders in the fireworks industry. The stores are all located conveniently along the state lines to take advantage of the Chicago and Illinois markets. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will do anything they can to make your experience at Krazy Kaplans the best it possibly can be.  Krazy Kaplans pricing is the best you will find in all of Northwest Indiana, with each store being at least buy one get one free. With great prices comes great quality fireworks.

Check our website for new, in store deals that are always changing! It is simple, if you want the worlds best selection of consumer fireworks, you will shop Krazy Kaplans Fireworks first! We hope to see you soon at one of our six locations.


“Went there last night and had no clue whatsoever. A young man working there took the time to listen to what I wanted and directed me right where to go. Not only did he direct me he walked right along explaining what each firework did. Great friendly staff who really listen and sell you exactly what you want. I’ll definitely be back to the Hammond location next year!!!”

“Krazy Kaplans always has a great selection along with tremendous prices for those looking to show appreciation for their country. Absolutely worth it, great spot to shop!” 

“I love this place! It’s literally a toy store for adults. Awesome store with amazing prices!” 

“Great place, extremely busy around the 4th of July, but still managed to get in and out within 20 minutes. Some of the friendliest employees around. The owner is an awesome guy!” 

“Me and my family buy fireworks from Krazy Kaplans year after year. The best prices and staff you will find.”